A lot of us rely heavily on social media for our everyday business, talking with customers, advertising new promotions or products and general customer support.

You may have noticed lately that your Facebook advertisements have not been going as far as they used to and it is not because of any algorithm change but due to an ongoing problem Facebook is having with targeting advertisements.

I first noticed this problem in early January 2018 when I launched a new product and I was focusing my targeted advertisement in the Sydney Metropolitan region. A couple of days had passed and I started to notice that a lot of the interactions were coming from the USA.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me as with any new post, you have to ride out the organic reach (the views/reach your posts receive naturally by the users that are already following your page) and so I thought it would eventually wear out.

Well it didn’t really go to plan and so I reached out to Facebook several times and they have finally confirmed that this is a known issue affecting other advertisers. They couldn’t really share any details including when they thought this problem would be resolved, how many people were being affected or when we would receive a refund for the incorrectly targeted advertisements.

My recommendation right now is to keep an eye on your targeting and if you notice that you are an affected advertiser, switch to another form of marketing for the time being!