Content Marketing Strategy

A good content marketing strategy takes time and research and when put together effectively should speak directly to your audience and create a long lasting impact which brings your business a funnel of new opportunities and growth.

What is Content Marketing

  • Creating relevant articles for your audience
  • Social Media
  • Company and industry news
  • Flyers
  • Video
  • e-Content (podcasts, conferences)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing

SEO can be a complicated but necessary part of your strategy. Take a moment to think about this, when you search for something on Google how does it know what to show you?

Without getting too technical, Google visits (crawls) websites and indexes them appropriately depending on the quality of content, reliability, links and relevance to your visitors.

It is important to identify what your potential customers search for when looking for your business as this can enhance your results and allow you to target more strategically.

At Soul Media Solutions we make this easy for you by implementing and guiding your strategy to allow for maximum exposure and ranking on search engine results.

Our service will provide you with an in depth analysis and recommendations based on your overall objectives. Our solution may be as easy as fixing the coding within your website or a complete make over and redesign.

Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth has been known to be one of the most powerful forms of marketing any brand, product or business could rely upon.

Regardless of the hard-sell tactics displayed in traditional forms of media like Television and Radio, consumers still rely upon their family and friends before making any decisions on a purchase regardless on brand perception.

Did you know?

79% of Australians use social media
59% of Australians access social media everyday
94% use Facebook, 46% use Instagram, 40% use Snapchat

Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media!

Proportion of businesses that use Social Media

  • Small Business (26%)
  • Medium Business (35%)
  • Large Business (42%)

Digital is an important part of your Marketing Strategy and can do so much for your business, ask us on how to get things started!

Can you do print and digital marketing together for campaigns? 

Of course! Some campaigns require a balance between both print and digital marketing, this can vary by your industry and outcome you desire for your campaign. We can assist putting the right balance in place.

Do you do reporting on results of campaigns?

As part of our package you will receive a detailed report outlining the campaign outcome in detail, including analytical data and any recommendations that may be prevalent to future campaigns.

How much does it cost? 

Pricing will vary depending on the style and detail of the campaign, please contact our Customer Care team for a quote.